Healthcare Across Conflict Divides
March 24, 2014

An eight-month old child spent two weeks in the Sukhumi hospital after being diagnosed with a serious liver disease. His condition remained critical despite the efforts of the Abkhaz doctors. The child’s parents were losing hopes for his recovery.

The organization “For Future Generation” helped the family to arrange emergency transportation to Tbilisi where the baby patient received medical treatment in the Iashvili Central Children's Hospital, Centre for Infectious Diseases, and the Aversi Clinic.

To the relief of his family, the severe diagnosis was disproved by the medical tests. The boy’s critical condition improved with more effective treatment and he quickly began to recover.

This child is one of the many Abkhaz kids who receive medical help in Tbilisi, Zugdidi, Kutaisi and Gori. Child mortality in Abkhazia is about 20% according to the unofficial data. In many cases this high rate is caused by poor treatment and lack of medical equipment in the clinics. The organizations like “For Future Generation” help the Abkhaz patients to cross conflict divides for life and hope.