Language of Art
December 18, 2013

Art makes people speak a common language, believes DVV International, because it is; the language that does not judge, but feels; the language that goes beyond boundaries.

The organization brought together young artists from the conflict affected areas to take part in a series of workshops in Turkey. Young creative-minds share their ideas, learn from each other, produce joint art-works and create strong personal and professional bonds.

“You can come from different walks of life but if you write poems, or play music, or make beautiful photos, there’s a common passion,” says one of the workshop participants who is a theatre director. Three freelance photographers from the conflict affected regions met each other at the art workshop in Hopa, Turkey, in October 2013. Soon enough they became the “inseparable trio.” Now they are working on a joint photo exhibition “Life around us,” to be held in Germany.  

“No borders and distances can separate people if they want to communicate and do things together,” they say.

The first art workshop in Hopa already gave start to the joint projects, such as exhibitions and theatrical performances. 

With this first success, a series of the workshops will continue in 2014.