About Coberm

Confidence Building Early Response Mechanism (COBERM) is a rapid response mechanism funded by the EU and implemented by UNDP that aims to enhance peace dividends and foster a peaceful transformation of conflicts. COBERM supports confidence building opportunities which seek to prevent and transform conflicts through

  • Increased direct people-to-people contacts across conflict divides to enhance the culture of tolerance between and within communities affected and/or at risk of a conflict;
  • Strengthen local and national peace building initiatives to provide direct peace dividends;
  • Enhance peace and development through increased capacities within communities in order to mediate political differences in constructive ways.

COBERM has been set up in May 2010, with the objective to address challenges to peace while contributing to overall conflict prevention processes. During  its first phase (2010-2012), COBERM provided 62 grants to civil society organizations and other institutions to carry out projects that supported conflict affected communities in different ways, ranging from public diplomacy events, youth education initiatives, improved livelihood operations, joint cultural endeavors and  peace journalism trainings and actions, among others.

COBERM is impartial, apolitical and flexible mechanism- and is about people and their needs and priorities. Furthermore, COBERM has proved to be a valuable tool for the strengthening of civil society and confidence building at grass-root level, and as a flexible and impartial mechanism, it can adequately respond to acute needs that often do not find a place within major interventions of other donors.

COBERM II was launched in 2012 and continues to support confidence building opportunities seeking to prevent and transform local conflicts through the provision of a rapid response mechanism, as well as strengthening those actors who positively influence these dynamics. Overall, 74 projects have been funded.

COBERM II introduced a capacity building component as a cross-cutting theme. A specific focus is put on strengthening the skills and improving organizational capacity and knowledge in confidence building concepts and strategies. Therefore, series of training-modules in “Project Cycle Management”, “Monitoring and Evaluation”, “Project impact analysis” and “Innovative Reporting Methodology”, have been conducted in every COBERM round on regular basis, facilitated by invited foreign experts. To date, 370 representatives of local and international civic organisations were provided with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and get to know to the international experience and modern practices of peace-building as well as efficiency in project-implementation.