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Mortgage comparison Only comparison guarantees better credit

Comparison of mortgage housing. Where is the mortgage for? Comparison of mortgage loans and banks, regardless of whether we need such a loan to buy a flat or build a house.

A comparison is necessary to search for the best loan offer.

A mortgage loan is the only option for many people to buy a house or flat. There is no such thing as a fast mortgage. This is a long-lasting procedure from the moment of submitting the loan application, to the payment of the loan.

It is also not worth looking for a flat or a home without knowing our credit worthiness. It allows you to estimate the maximum amount of mortgage you can apply for in a bank. The creditworthiness will be calculated for us by the bank as well as the financial intermediary.

Not only creditworthiness decides whether we will receive a mortgage. You should also have a positive credit history at BIK. Overdue payments or even slight delays in repayment of liabilities affect our credit rating. “Pure BIK” is also not the best situation, because the bank has no information about how we pay our liabilities.

One should also remember about the required own contribution, which is 20%. It is the amount of funds necessary to finance the purchase of real estate. We will also find bank proposals with the required own contribution at the level of 10%, and the missing part is insured.

Mortgage comparison:

When applying for a mortgage, you must attach a number of documents that are related to the property itself and the financial situation. We will receive a list of documents from a bank or a financial intermediary. Only when all documents are completed together with the completed application, the procedure starts. Each call from the bank to complete the documentation stops the action.

Finally, after a positive verification and completion of all formalities, a credit decision is made. But this is not the end. After signing the loan agreement, you must provide the necessary documents to run the loan. And only then the bank starts the loan. Usually up to 7 business days…