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Loan for soldiers without private credit

The loan for soldiers without private credit requires intuition. Soldiers, just like bank officials, are welcome customers. Depending on their rank and career, they earn a relatively high income. Therefore, a very good credit rating is required from the outset.

However, it looks a bit different with the so-called military service providers. Here is rarely granted in credit for soldiers without private credit.

The most important thing – summarized quickly

  • There is nothing nice to talk about if the private credit shows negative entries
  • Really without credit then comes credit only: from friends, from the pawn shop or from the Sigma Kreditbank
  • Nevertheless, there are exceptions that allow credit despite private credit – decided in individual cases
  • Apply now without obligation , so that the software checks whether you are eligible for real loans

Credit for soldiers without private credit – the location

Credit for soldiers without private credit – recognize real solutions

Staff of the Bundeswehr have a different budget than a normal worker. Soldiers incur no costs for accommodation and meals. Also the way to the workplace is free of charge. Therefore, the cost of living for a soldier is very different than for a worker.

Depending on whether it is a time or professional soldier, various loan models are offered. Thus, time soldiers but also professional soldiers with negative private credit can also use the private creditfreien credit. The soldier must have a service of at least one year to prove. Nevertheless, it may happen that a loan for soldiers without private credit is rejected.

This happens because soldiers are often at high risk and can be seriously injured. Despite the fact that a loan application can turn out to be difficult, professional and temporary employees in particular have the option of obtaining cheap loans.

Credit for soldiers without private credit – professional soldiers

Generally, soldiers receive good terms when lending. They meet the bank’s requirements and also have the bonus of being employed in public service or civil service. Thus, he not only receives a sufficiently high, but also a regularly incoming income. Even better conditions can expect professional soldiers.

They stand in the status as civil servants. Professional soldiers can take out loans as officials receive.

The non-terminable employment brings a favorable interest rate, but only if the private credit is positive. It is then possible to choose a final loan, at the same time as a life insurance policy. (Solution until 2016). The loan seeker pays during the term only interest and the contributions for a life insurance. At the end of the term, the life insurance is due and then covers the entire outstanding loan amount.

However, this bill will only succeed if the insurance has been concluded with a sufficiently high sum. But officials are also subject to conditions. So the minimum loan amount is about 10000 Euro. Further borrowing during the term of the loan is not permitted.

Credit for soldiers without private credit – time soldier

Anyone who commits himself to the Bundeswehr for several years will not receive the special loan in the image of an official. But a normal installment loan is possible.

However, since a time-soldier has a fixed-term employment contract, this does not mean credit, as it does for a normal employee. Especially when the soldier is only at the beginning of his military service. There could be problems if the loan for soldiers without private credit is requested shortly before the end of the service. Depending on how high the loan amount should be, the bank does not have the necessary security of a loan repayment.

But banks require a stable and secure workplace. With time soldiers, the duration of employment is often only a few years. If then time soldiers still have a bad private credit, this shows a lack of payment morality, the credit is rejected. Since the loan seeker may still have a high income.

A light entry in the private credit does not necessarily mean a credit rejection. So maybe an entry could be deleted because it is already done. Therefore, time guards should seek self-disclosure from the private credit before making a loan application. This allows you to see exactly what is going on with the negative entries.

Credit for soldiers without private credit – credit security

If it is a slight private credit entry, a German lender could be found. Just when the soldier can call a guarantor.

But then it is not “flawless without”, but “despite” private credit.This guarantor must be solvent, which means that he has a sufficient and regularly incoming income from a stable and secure employment. His private credit is clean. The guarantor must be informed by the bank about the risks of the guarantee.

For example, the guarantee is entered in the private credit of the guarantor. That can reduce his credit rating. If a bankruptcy guarantee is provided, the borrower does not have to prove with difficulty that he can no longer pay the loan, the bank will immediately call the guarantor to the obligation. Even if a guarantor is found, it must be ensured that the accrued installments can be paid from the income.

The same principle is also achieved with a second borrower. He is also liable for the loan if the customer no longer pays.

Credit for soldiers without private credit – problem of private credit

Even if professional or temporary soldiers have a good reputation, it happens that a negative private credit entry arises. With a negative entry in the private credit the loan request becomes problematic.

The negative private credit signals to the bank that it had come in the past to financial difficulties and rejects the loan. Now soldiers have the opportunity to look around in the field of private credit-free loans.

This loan can be made through a loan brokerage but can also be applied for directly from the lending bank. A loan can be worthwhile, because it takes the preliminary examination of the loan and checks the completeness of the documents to be submitted.

Often there is still a German lender with a mediation. This would be recommended because these loans are ultimately cheaper than a loan from abroad.

The foreign credit that comes from Liechtenstein is completely free of debt. However, an income above the attachment exemption limit is expected.

The professional soldier will probably not have any difficulties with this loan, but the time-soldier with his fixed-term contract could be left out here. Unless the loan is paid off during military service.

The highest loan amount is 7500 Euro.